Uncle Sam and Friends Celebrate July 4th in Mesquite

Uncle Sam and Friends Celebrate July 4th in Mesquite



Mesquite Uncle Sam Jim Knute (center) joined friends April and Eric Keys for a Fourth of July celebration on Thursday of last week. PHOTO BOBBIE GREEN/The Progress

Jim Knute, better known as “Uncle Sam” of Mesquite, has made it a regular habit to stand at the corner of Pioneer Boulevard and Falcon Ridge Parkway on Saturday mornings, dressed in full U.S. attire and waving an American flag. He stands in front of huge banners that remind people to vote; and vote Republican.

Last week was a special occasion, Knute went out on Thursday morning, July 4th. But as part of the celebration, he was joined by a few friends who also wanted to show their patriotism.
April and Eric Keys were there proudly waving flags alongside Uncle Sam.

“Most people honk their horns in appreciation and cheer us on,” Eric said. “But there are always a few who can’t tolerate an opposing opinion without expressing their opposition with obscene gestures and language.”

Knute, who is 88 years old, feels the need to show his love for America by pretending to be Uncle Sam and waving a flag every Saturday morning starting in 2021.

Until earlier this year, Uncle Sam stood on the corner of Mesquite Boulevard and Grapevine and waved at passersby.
“Even before moving to Mesquite, I have always been an active supporter of my country and party,” Knute said.