Bang Si Hyuk Again Criticized For Treatment Of ENHYPEN

Bang Si Hyuk Again Criticized For Treatment Of ENHYPEN

In the latest episode of the entertainment program “Omniscient Interfering View,” which aired on July 7, the ENHYPEN members were invited to share behind-the-scenes looks at their new dorms, travel footage, and their recent performance with JY Park and Bang Si Hyuk.

The episode shows that after rehearsing with two older men, Bang Si Hyuk visited the ENHYPEN members backstage. Upon seeing the BIGHIT founder, the members stand up, bow, and greet him warmly. He then sits down next to them and it is mentioned that since he produces many of ENHYPEN’s songs, he seems to communicate a lot with the idols about their music.

When Bang Si Hyuk asks the members about the tour they just went on and their performance, despite Bang being a high-ranking member of their company, the ENHYPEN members seem to have a friendly and comfortable relationship with him. They even use honorific titles to address him, calling him “Bang Si Hyuk PD-nim” (Producer Bang Si Hyuk). They also express their great respect for the CEO, who in return shows them great attention. The idols and Bang continue to have a casual discussion about the performance, sharing a few laughs and happy moments. As he leaves, he even makes a heartfelt gesture towards the members.

Netizens are extremely frustrated with this interaction due to the glaring difference from how Bang Si Hyuk allegedly treated the NewJeans members. A few months ago, it was revealed that the CEO had apparently been purposely ignoring the idols, which further fueled the conflict between Bang Si Hyuk and ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin. Claims that he suffered from prosopagnosia (the inability to remember and recognize faces) were met with scorn when used as an excuse for his rudeness.

Here’s how people react to the interaction between ENHYPEN members and Bang Si Hyuk:

  • “Every time I see something like this, I remember he didn’t accept the NewJeans salute.”
  • “He doesn’t apologize for anything. »
  • “Has his facial recognition disorder gone away?” »
  • “I think it’s selective respect.” »
  • “He didn’t accept newborn wishes from NewJeans. »
  • “I don’t think he has facial recognition disorder.”
  • “But he ignored NewJeans’ greetings. »
  • “Therefore, please use courtesy forms when referring to a group from another company, do not ignore them..”
  • “Is Facial Recognition Disorder Optional?”

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