Thai Man Offers Heads of 99 Pigs to Buddhist Deity Who ‘Gave’ Him Wife and Children

Thai Man Offers Heads of 99 Pigs to Buddhist Deity Who ‘Gave’ Him Wife and Children

A Thai man offered 99 pig heads to thank the Buddha for granting him his deepest wish of a wife and child.

The Bangkok man, known as Wat, made extravagant offerings, including 120 hard-boiled eggs and nine kinds of fruits as well as pig heads, to the Buddha statue at Klang Bang Phra temple in Nakhom Pathom, central Thailand, on June 24.

The 30-metre-high statue of Luang Por Somwang attracts worshipers from all over the country.

Wat made the offerings to thank the Buddha for granting his wish for a family that he had made four years earlier, according to news outlet The Thaiger.

He followed a prayer ritual of placing a gold leaf in the statue’s right hand. He also prayed for professional success and good fortune.

Wat’s wish came true within a year. He met his future wife and had a son with her.

The 99 pig heads in all their glory. In Thai culture, the number nine and its multiples are considered lucky signs. Photo: Khaosod

He returned with them to the temple to fulfill the vows he had made to the deity. Wat also set off 10,000 firecrackers to thank the Buddha.

After the ritual was completed, the offerings were donated to charity and distributed to bedridden patients and disadvantaged groups such as the elderly and low-income families, according to Thai newspaper KhaoSod.

“A man’s will was granted at the cost of the lives of 99 pigs. I doubt the Buddha appreciated that,” one online observer said.

β€œIt’s nice that all the food can be put to good use in the community,” said another.

It has been a long-standing tradition to offer pig heads to deities and ancestors in southern China and Southeast Asian countries with large Chinese populations.

Ancient people used pig body parts as sacrifices to Buddha, as it was the best they could offer.

Offering rituals involving pigs and other objects are common in Asia in countries with large ethnic Chinese populations. Photo: Shutterstock

Parting with a whole pig was more than most families could afford, so many gave away the animal’s head and tail to represent the existence of a whole pig.

The more wrinkles on the pig’s head, the more it suggests great longevity and the more luck people can wish the deities.

In 2017, a Thai lawyer of Chinese origin offered 99 pig heads, 99 chickens, 99 trays of apples and 9,999 eggs to a temple in the northern province of Uttaradit.

The number nine and its multiples are considered lucky in Thai culture.