Powerful Nollywood Producer Ason Rich Involved in Kidnapping Gang, Shot By Police

Powerful Nollywood Producer Ason Rich Involved in Kidnapping Gang, Shot By Police

A disturbing story has dominated Nigerian social media. According to reports, a well-known Nollywood A film producer and an actor were members of a kidnapping gang that was recently arrested by police in Lagos.

According to Nigerian authorities, Ason Rich, a famous Nollywood producer, led a nine-person kidnapping group. Rich was allegedly killed during a police raid in Mushin, Lagos.

Another person named in the group was Prince Henry Odenigbo, a rising Nollywood star.

He was also reportedly shot by police during the same operation.

This revelation sparked much discussion and surprise on Nigerian social media as both men were well-known figures in the Nollywood movie industry.

According to blogger and actor Stanley Ontop, Ason Rich is one of the top film producers in Asabawood.

In a video shared online, Stanley Ontop showcased some of the films of Ason Rich and the actors he has worked with, including Yul Edochi, Obio Oluebube, Uche Nancy and many others.

Stanley Ontop also identified the social media account of Prince Henry Odenigbo. He mentioned that Odenigbo was a rising Nollywood actor based in Port-Harcourt.

Another report confirms Ason Rich is a kidnapping baron:

Post reaction;

@eurokizito: “Omo, if you watch the videos of them killing those guys, oh.”

@iamchrisbassey: “He even won a Grassroot award for best producer. All those awards buy buy. on wa oooo…”

Here are some of the comments that have emerged following reports of the foiled kidnapping attempt:

@0h_jayy: “Imagine you have your igbo brothers.”

@cleanwassh: “Remember May’s supermarket was robbed after she broke up with Yul and that’s never happened before.”

@qualityfabricsnigeria “Why post it with Yul? Please spare him for Queen May’s sake.”

@stanley_ontop: “Anini by night. Producer by day.”

@alic.eragan: “Yul was the one who sent men with guns to Rob Queen May supermarket.”

@chris_d_oracle: “Nobody in the video I have here looks like this guy.”