ACE’s Yuchan will not participate in upcoming US tour due to health issues

ACE’s Yuchan will not participate in upcoming US tour due to health issues

ACEs Juchan will be unable to perform on the band’s upcoming U.S. tour due to health conditions.

July 8, ACE label BEAT INTERACTIVE It was revealed that Yuchan was diagnosed with a damaged eardrum due to otitis media, otherwise known as a middle ear infection. The doctor advised him not to fly and take a break from performing to rest. Yuchan will be taking a temporary break from activities and unfortunately fans will not be able to see him at the upcoming ACE concert in Minneapolis on July 9.

Read BEAT INTERACTIVE’s full statement below.


We regret to inform you that ACE member Kang Yuchan has been experiencing ear pain since July 7. After his performance on July 8, he went to the emergency room where medical staff diagnosed him with a damaged eardrum due to otitis media.

As per the medical team’s recommendation, Kang Yuchan will take a break and rest until he is completely healed. He has also been advised not to fly. Therefore, starting with the upcoming performance on July 9 in Minneapolis, Kang Yuchan will temporarily pause his tour schedule to focus on his recovery.

The health and safety of our artists are our top priorities. We will closely monitor Kang Yuchan’s progress and after thorough discussions with him, we will inform fans about his resumption of activities once he recovers. We are grateful for the love and support you have shown ACE and ACE 2024 US TOUR (REWIND US). We will always do our utmost for the well-being of our artists.

We apologize for bringing you this sad news and ask for your understanding.

Thank you.

Kind regards,

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