Earthburner Reveals New Album Details, Releases New Single “Permanent Dawn”

Earthburner Reveals New Album Details, Releases New Single “Permanent Dawn”

November 8, Death Eaters Earth Burner will release his debut album, Constant Dawnby M-Theory of Sound. Today, the band shared a video visualization for the title track, created by Andrea Mantelli.

Pre-sale Constant Dawn Here.

Guitarist Jeremy Wagner shared the following information:

Happy Wednesday everyone! For your listening pleasure today, Earthburner presents you with “Permanent Dawn,” the title track from our debut album, out November 8th via M-Theory Audio. Also for your viewing pleasure, we have a great 3D animated visual for “Permanent Dawn” that will light up your eyeballs and ears. Turn this song up to 11 in every way and keep spinning!

Vocalist Devin Swank (also with Bloody) added:

If you’re at work, go on your break early, stop your car, turn off the stream, get up from the toilet and start listening to this shit!!! And use your fucking head to some new Earthburner!!!

Co-producer of the album Tommy Mc Williams he also shared a few words:

I am thrilled to be a part of the Earthburner album “Permanent Dawn” and produce the record with Jeremy Wagner.

From pre-production to basic recording with Dave Pohler in the hallowed halls of Criteria Studios’ famed Studio C, to vocal recording with Sanford Parker at his Hypercube studio in Chicago, and mixing with Scott Creekmore in Studio A at Criteria, the entire process was an absolute joy.

I can’t wait for the whole world to hear this spectacularly raw and brilliantly brutal music. Enjoy this new single!

Constant Dawn was recorded at Criteria Recording Studios in Miami, Florida, produced by Tommy McWilliams and Jeremy Wagner, mixed by Scott Creekmoreand dominated by Mike Fuller from Fullersound in Davie, Florida.

Pre-sale Constant Dawn Here.

Constant Dawn list of songs

1. Necrodisiac (feat. Ross Dolan With Burning)
2. I like dogs
3. Broken head
4. Facelift
5. Constant Dawn
6. Uncreation
7. Perception for profit
8. Coprophagia of corpses
9. Hunger pains
10. Slaves of the Screen
11. Positive outlook (COC cover featuring Jake Cannavale With The Vixen’s Mouth)