“The Old Man” Season 2, “American Sports Story” and More (PHOTOS)

“The Old Man” Season 2, “American Sports Story” and More (PHOTOS)

The FX channel’s offering for the end of summer and beginning of autumn is shaping up quite well.

FX has set premiere and return dates for the series as part of its 2024 Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour. Old man, American Sports History: Aaron Hernandezand more. In addition, photos and a teaser were published.

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Special effects The New York Times Presents: Lying to Fly

Currencies / NYT

The latest documentary premieres Friday, August 23 at 10 p.m. on FX. Last year, terror erupted aboard an Alaska Airlines flight when a man was accused of trying to crash the plane mid-flight, killing all 83 people on board. The accused was a professional pilot, Joseph Emerson, who was under the influence of psychedelic mushrooms because he feared mental health treatment would ruin his career. New York Times follows the story of Joseph Emerson and the growing movement demanding reform of the FAA’s strict mental health regulations for pilots, which they say put the public at risk.

Special effects English teacher

The new comedy premieres Monday, September 2 at 10 p.m. on FX, with the first two of eight episodes. Creator Brian Jordan Alvarez plays Austin high school teacher Evan Marquez, who often finds himself at the intersection of the personal, professional and political aspects of his job at the high school. While he wants to be a principled person, that also leads to trouble for him. Also working at the school are fellow teachers and friends Gwen Sanders (Stephanie Koenig), an eager and optimistic history teacher who tends to see the best in people, even when she probably shouldn’t, and Markie Hillridge (Sean Patton), a gym teacher who may seem gruff and abrasive but has a knowledge of human nature that is valuable to Evan.

Principal Grant Moretti (Enrico Colantoni) wants nothing more than peace and least resistance. While Evan doesn’t want to go down that road, Grant respects the teacher’s passion, despite the difficulties it causes him. Guidance counselor Rick (Carmen Christopher) fancies himself an entrepreneur, and while he enjoys spending time with the other teachers, he doesn’t want to be in school.

And Evan’s ex-boyfriend, Malcolm (Jordan Firstman), used to be a teacher at the school and keeps dragging him back into a pseudo-relationship. When Grant informs Evan that he’s under investigation for a long-dormant incident in which he and Malcolm kissed in front of students, Evan suddenly feels like he’s under scrutiny and targeted for his sexuality. Evan has one rule to follow: no relationships with the staff…so of course that’s when he meets charming new teacher Harry (Langston Kerman), who seems interested in him.

Special effects Old man Season 2

The Jeff Bridges-directed series, based on the bestselling novel by Thomas Perry, returns Thursday, September 12 at 10 p.m. on FX with the first two of eight episodes.

In Season 2, former CIA agent Dan Chase (Bridges) and former FBI Deputy Director “Harold Harper” (John Lithgow) embark on their most important mission yet—retrieving Emily Chase (Alia Shawkat) after she is kidnapped by Faraz Hamzad (Navid Negahban), a powerful Afghan tribal leader. She faces an identity crisis with dire consequences when all three men claim she is their daughter.

Hamzard must make decisions that could threaten his family and the village he has faithfully led, while his sister and trusted advisor, Khadija (Jacqueline Antaramian), worries about the path he is taking and what it will cost them. As the stakes rise and more secrets are revealed, Zoe McDonald (Amy Brenneman), drawn into a new world by Chase, makes surprising moves. Meanwhile, Julian Carson (Gbenga Akinnagbe), disillusioned with his previous role, finds himself at a crossroads, facing a path he could not have imagined.

Special effects American Sports History: Aaron Hernandez

Special effects

The first part of this limited series franchise premieres Tuesday, September 17 at 10:00 PM on FX with the first two of 10 episodes. It is based on the podcast Gladiator: Aaron Hernandez and Football Inc. from The Boston Globe and Wondery and follows the rise and fall of NFL superstar Aaron Hernandez (Josh Rivera), and explores the various threads of his identity, his family, his career, his suicide, and their legacy in sports and American culture. The cast also includes Jaylen Barron (Shayanna Jenkins), Lindsay Mendez (Tanya Singleton), Ean Castellanos (DJ Hernandez), Tammy Blanchard (Terri Hernandez), Tony Yazbeck (Urban Meyer), Patrick Schwarzenegger (Tim Tebow), Thomas Sadoski (Brian Murphy), Jake Cannavale (Chris) and Norbert Leo Butz (Bill Belichick).

Special effects Social Studies

Lauren Greenfield / special effects

This new docuseries from filmmaker/photographer Lauren Greenfield premieres Friday, September 27 at 10 p.m. on FX with the first two of five episodes. Filmed in Los Angeles over the course of a school year, the docuseries delves into the lives of the first generation raised on social media. The social experiment follows a diverse group of Los Angeles teens as they open up their lives and phones to offer an intimate look at how social media has changed their childhoods. As they battle bullying, grapple with beauty norms, cope with racism, explore sexuality, cope with the pressures of constant comparison, and make life-changing decisions, their compelling and relatable experiences reveal the challenges of growing up in the digital age.