No, Biden Didn’t Say He Slept With a NATO Official’s Wife

No, Biden Didn’t Say He Slept With a NATO Official’s Wife

Conservatives are spreading the claim that President Joe Biden admitted to sleeping with another man’s wife during his speech at the 75th anniversary NATO summit on Tuesday.

In excerpts posted on social media, Biden reportedly made the remark in reference to NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. But it seems more likely that he said something else.

Specifically, Biden is accused of saying he was “fuckin’ your wife,” while Stoltenberg can be seen smiling a few feet away on stage.

The video, several versions of which were shared by sources including Fox News and the White House, quickly went viral and has been viewed millions of times.

Most conservatives who spread the claim reacted with astonishment, saying Biden had eclipsed his previous missteps in public speaking.

“I recorded this myself by rewinding the live feed. It’s not edited,” one user said. “This is the ultimate blunder!!! Right as he was presenting her with the Presidential Medal of Freedom.”

At the event, Biden surprised the general in another way, awarding him the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Russian propaganda accounts on X, such as @RUnews, also helped spread this claim to countless users.

“Biden can’t talk anymore… mumbles something* then suddenly fucks your wife,” the account wrote. “mumbles again and laughs…”

Many have sought to prove that the video was not edited by linking to versions of the clip hosted by media outlets.

“That clip of Biden saying ‘I realize… I was fucking your wife… I personally ask you to extend your subscription… forgive me’ is actually real,” wrote another X follower. “Unless Fox News edited the video itself.”

While it’s true that the clip was unedited, Biden did not claim to have slept with Stoltenberg’s wife.

What does Biden’s wife’s NATO clip say?

Biden instead said: “Mr. Secretary, you have guided this alliance through one of the most important periods in its history. I realize that I…while i was talking to your wife—I personally asked you to extend your service. Forgive me.

In other words, Biden was apologizing for asking Stoltenberg to stay at NATO, something he appears to have remembered from speaking to Stoltenberg’s wife, perhaps before the event. A transcript of Biden’s remarks is available at the White House.

At least a few accounts on X, which has yet to add a community note to the fake tweets, have attempted to correct the record.

Biden’s difficulty articulating and speaking loudly has long been a problem, but it appears to have become so severe that at least one reporter said they began using translation headsets on foreign trips to boost the volume of Biden’s voice.

And while criticism of Biden’s current cognitive abilities is true, many, especially on the right, continue to cling to false claims about the president. Earlier this week, thousands of TikTok users claimed that the White House used artificial intelligence to produce a fake phone interview with Biden.

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Mikael Thalen

Mikael Thalen is a technology and security journalist covering social media, data breaches, hackers and more.