Dog weddings are gaining popularity in China

Dog weddings are gaining popularity in China

It was a dream wedding in a beautiful place, with beautiful clothes and a delicious wedding cake. This perfect wedding day in the presence of friends and family is for Bree and Bond — two golden retrievers.

That’s true. “Bride“And”groom” are dogs.

Pet weddings are on the rise in China, a rapidly aging country where government policies have done little to encourage people to marry and have more children.

Popularity pets and the desire to spend money on pet weddings is driving growth. In China, spending on pets in 2023 is expected to increase 3.2% from a year earlier to $38.41 billion.

Bree’s owner, Rye Ling, asked, “Humans have weddings. Why can’t dogs have weddings?” Ling asked the question after walking His pet down the passage to exchange weddings. The “bride” promised to always share treats and have fun with the “groom” Bond.

Dog owners Rye Ling and Gigi Chen pose with newlywed golden retrievers Bree and Bond, holding their fake marriage certificates, in Shanghai, China, June 29, 2024. (REUTERS/Nicoco Chan)

Research firm Acuity Knowledge Partners reported that there were more than 116 million cats and dogs living in urban China in 2023. That means about one in eight Chinese people owns a cat or dog. And most pet owners are under 40.

Ling and his girlfriend Gigi Chen said they were in no rush to get married themselves. But that didn’t stop them from carefully planning their pets’ wedding for months. They arranged photographers, created imaginary Certificatesand ordered a cake with decorations that looked exactly like Bree and Bond.

Gigi Chen shows fake marriage certificates to newlywed dogs Bree and Bond in Shanghai, China, June 29, 2024. (REUTERS/Nicoco Chan)

Yang Tao owns a shop in Shanghai that made the cake. At first, she said she was surprised that people wanted wedding cakes for their dogs.

“I think there will be more and more dog weddings,” Yang said, adding that she has baked cakes for several similar celebrations since opening her shop in 2022.

A wedding cake for the newlyweds is placed on a traditional paper cutout representing the “double happiness” of marriage, June 29, 2024. (REUTERS/Nicoco Chan)

“We’ve already received an order for a few months… and it’s for a wedding with a dog.”

Ling said he hoped the ceremony would give Bree and Bond a “sense of ritual.Ling, who once wanted just one child, said he hopes to welcome several into the world. puppies Soon.

My name is Anna Matteo.

Nicoco Chan reported this story for Reuters. Anna Matteo adapted it for VOA Learning English.


Words in this story

wedding – N. a wedding ceremony, usually with accompanying festivities

Bride – N. a woman who has just gotten married or is about to get married

groom – N. a man who has just married or is about to get married

pet – N. a tame animal kept for pleasure rather than use

walk down the alley idiomatic expression get married

oath – N. a solemn promise or statement

certificate – N. a document that is proof of a fact

ritual – N. established form of ceremony

puppy – N. young domestic dog specifically : one less than a year old

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