Byron Donalds’ Ex-Wife Reveals Past Life Full of Lies

Byron Donalds’ Ex-Wife Reveals Past Life Full of Lies

This tea is hot….

The ex-wife of Florida Republican Rep. Byron Donalds paints a different picture of the congressman than the one Americans see.

Bisa Hall recounted how she met Donalds as a freshman on the campus of HBCU Florida A&M University in 1996. She described Donalds as an “opportunistic person” who “will take any opportunity that comes his way.” When the two met, Hall said the congressman had a Jamaican accent and told her he was from Jamaica.

She later learned that the young man, then 18, was from New York and that he had explained to her why he had used the fake disguise. “He thought it would make him stand out,” Hall said. “And he was right. There were a lot of guys from New York around, but none from Jamaica. He was right, it made him stand out.”

Donalds’ political career reminded Hall of that first meeting. “He always wanted to get what he didn’t have,” the married teacher said. “He was trying to fill a void and get what he didn’t have.”

Donalds is a staunch ally of former President Donald Trump. Once portrayed as neither religious nor political during his eight-year relationship with Hall, Donalds now propagates Christian values ​​ideologies while touting Trump across the country. According to the New RepublicHall has been reluctant to speak out about her relationship with Donalds, but after seeing her former partner support Trump, who has a history of sexually assaulting women and was convicted of abusing E. Jean Carroll, she decided to break her silence. “Seeing Trump and Donalds colluding, it was like, ‘If Donalds were a good human being, would this really bad person push him to be a role model?’” Hall asked.

“They’re both very opportunistic. When you get him out, some people feel better about Trump. I think what he’s doing is extremely dangerous and I think morally he and I have no common ground.”

Hall recalled that the Republican lawmaker once registered as a Democrat in the capital of Tallahassee and said politics was a topic the couple avoided. “We never once talked about how we were going to vote — it was not a topic,” she said.

“Seeing him today say, ‘I’m a conservative black man,’ and I think, ‘Since when? He doesn’t talk about politics at all. When I see him today, I think, ‘When did that happen?’”

Since the start of the 2024 political season, Donald has made statements that have raised eyebrows among Black voters. At a Black voter outreach event called “Congress, Cognac and Cigars” on June 4 in Philadelphia, Donald suggested that Black families were more united and better off during the Jim Crow era.

After Trump was convicted on 34 counts of paying money to porn star Stormy Daniels, Donald asked the Supreme Court to intervene in the decision.

The couple married on June 15, 1999, but divorced in 2012 after Hall discovered Donalds was dating Florida State University student Erika Lees, who is now Donalds’ wife and the mother of their three children. At the time, the congressman was going back and forth between the two women, while Hall recalled a time around Christmas 2002 when her soon-to-be ex-husband came to her and said he “wanted to rekindle our relationship.” “He said, ‘Erika and I broke up, and I want to give it another chance — I want my wife back,'” she recalled.

Shortly after, Donalds recanted, telling Hall that a divorce needed to happen as soon as possible because Erika was pregnant and “they needed to hurry up and get married.”

After their marriage, Donalds began his right-wing career as a member of the Tea Party movement, primarily opposing the nomination of former President Barack Obama, the country’s first black president.

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