‘Look at that ass sweat’ – Former WWE star turned adult model shares hilarious behind-the-scenes shots from her hot photoshoot – FirstSportz

‘Look at that ass sweat’ – Former WWE star turned adult model shares hilarious behind-the-scenes shots from her hot photoshoot – FirstSportz

Despite Evans Lace in WWE for almost seven years, she never found much success in the main event. The promotion tried to give her a few gimmicks and pushed her multiple times. However, she failed to connect with the audience. After parting ways with the company in 2023, she became an OnlyFans model and has seemingly found success.

Lacey Evans recently posted a behind-the-scenes video on Instagram from an OnlyFans shoot, where the former WWE superstar stood in her backyard in revealing clothing as a cameraman took photos and videos of her.

Evans stepped away from the fence gate, showing off her sweat stuck to the gate. She also claimed it was proof that she worked hard. The former WWE star began singing and twerking for the camera.

That’s how you know you work hard. Look at that ass sweating. Damn!

Evans Lace

Later, during a photoshoot, she asked the cameraman to hurry up because her back was hurting. She claimed that if it was easy to do what she does, everyone would do it. Evans also said that her butt is natural and has not had anything injected into it.

It is highly unlikely that the 34-year-old will return to wrestling anytime soon. WWE is already picky, with their wrestlers posting obscene photos of themselves, and they have fired Mandy Rose for the same reason. More importantly, Evans herself revealed that she has no plans to return to wrestling anytime soon.

Sergeant Slaughter Calls WWE Contract Offer to Manage Lacey Evans a ‘Slap in the Face’

Lacey Evans was given a few gimmicks in the main cast to win over fans. One of those characters was an army officer, which was very reminiscent of Sergeant Slaughter. She even used the Cobra Clutch as her finisher, a move used by the 75-year-old during his wrestling career. To top it off, the original Army sergeant himself was called in to manage her. However, he didn’t seem interested.

Lacey Evans and Sergeant Slaughter (via WWE)

In an interview with Busted Open Radio, Slaughter ultimately declined to manage Evans because he was unhappy with the money he was offered. He felt the contract was a slap in the face. Instead, he felt he should be paid a billion dollars for what he did for WWE. He told the company he would only return if they offered him enough money to get out of the business.

Slaughter also expressed his frustration with Evans using the Cobra Clutch as his finisher. This contract offer caused him to put his foot down and tell the company to stop using it. He claimed that the move was his and he did not appreciate their use.

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