Meagan Good says her faith has been tested in the two years since her marriage to DeVon Franklin ended in divorce, much like her parents’ marriage

Meagan Good says her faith has been tested in the two years since her marriage to DeVon Franklin ended in divorce, much like her parents’ marriage

Megan Good now has an intimate understanding of the nuances of living life the way God intended, more than ever before. The devout Christian opened up about her faith following her 2022 divorce from DeVon Franklin in a new interview with “Club Shay Shay.”

The actress is currently starring in Divorce in the Black opposite Cory Hardrict. The dissolution of both actors’ marriages — Hardrict was married to Tia Mowry — has played out in front of the world, although little to nothing has been revealed about what ended their relationships.

Hardrict was married to Tia Mowry for 14 years when she announced their separation in October 2022. The divorce was finalized six months later in April 2023.

Meagan Good (left) says her faith was tested for two years when her 10-year marriage to DeVon Franklin (right) ended in divorce. (Photos: @meagangood/Instagram, @devonfranklin/Instagram)

Good, though open about her walk with Christ, has remained cautious about revealing the inner workings that led to her and Franklin’s end of their relationship in 2021. At the time, she and the Hollywood executive released joint statements expressing their unwavering love and support for each other. The divorce was privately settled within six months. In her latest statements, Good, 42, admitted that her faith had been tested by a major life upheaval.

“The divorce shook me to my core. I was like, ‘But Lord, you asked me to be celibate, and I was. You know, you told me to marry this person.’ I tried to do everything the best I could, and no, I didn’t do everything perfectly, but I don’t know if I could have done anything differently, to be honest,” she told host and retired NFL Super Bowl champion Shannon Sharpe.

She revealed that her biggest fear was that the ordained minister would leave her after a decade together, much like her own father left her mother. “And that’s exactly what happened,” the “Harlem” star said.

She further revealed, “I had to accept that if it was something that I didn’t choose, but something that God allowed, then God allowed it for a good reason. And I think we both grew so much from it. I think at the time I was so angry at DeVon, but now I think what he did was very brave, and I think it was very scary to know that the church and people and everyone was going to be like, ‘This is not what a man of God, a woman of God does.’

When Sharpe asked if she felt like a failure when the marriage ended, Good said no, because she and Franklin had 10 years of success together and had gained a lot from the experience. Her struggle was accepting that “forever” was just a phase in their lives.

“I would never get divorced under any circumstances, and I don’t know if that’s always the right thing to do. … It’s not that there was anything wrong, no cheating, nothing crazy, and I’m not going to get into why we got divorced,” she said.

Good has been publicly dating actor Jonathan Majors for a year now. Their quiet relationship began making headlines in May of last year. Two months earlier, in March 2023, the “Creed III” antagonist was accused of physically assaulting ex-girlfriend Grace Jabbari.

The actress has accompanied him to numerous court hearings, including in April this year when his conviction for assault and harassment was announced.

Although she admitted in another interview that friends advised her not to date the criticized actor, she told Sharpe that she felt confident in her faith with Majors.

“Last year I was like, ‘Lord, I know you’re going to do what you’re going to do, and I trust you.’ And making sure I was there to give that to Jonathan. I felt like that’s what I was there for. My faith never wavered, you know, in that case,” she said.

Good has not publicly revealed how they met, though fans have speculated that she was the second woman Majors was caught texting with when the Jabbari incident occurred.