How Mika Sudo’s 2024 Women’s Football Champion’s Husband Allegedly Broke the Rules –

How Mika Sudo’s 2024 Women’s Football Champion’s Husband Allegedly Broke the Rules –

The Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest is no exception to the scandal, and this year has brought its fair share of it. Even after the contest ended, in which Patrick Bertoletti ate 58 hot dogs to take home the mustard stripe, some people still try to call out the contestants who may have rigged the contest.

Coming in fourth place with a total of 51.75 hot dogs eaten, Nick Wehry stirred up controversy with his performance in the competition. The husband of women’s champion and world record holder for hot dog eating Mika Sudo, Wehry is accused of trying to inflate his hot dog count during the meal.

Exceeding 50 hot dogs is a sign of a very sophisticated eater, and what Wehry is accused of would place him in the club on false premises. What exactly did he do during the Fourth of July celebrations, according to sources? Read on to find out.

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2024 Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest Cheating Scandal Explained

Two sources closely connected to the competition told the New York Post that Wehry was accused of “using tricks” during the competition to boost his score.

“He was 100% cheating,” one source told The Post on Tuesday.

When the competition ended, Wehry’s score was announced as a respectable 46.75 hot dogs, still good enough for fourth place. When the official results were announced, Wehry’s score increased by five dogs to 51.75.

During the Hot Dog Eating contest, points are scored by counting the empty plates placed in front of their spot after the allotted time has elapsed. Each plate counts as five hot dogs, and any “leftovers” left after the contest are subject to the judge’s discretion as to whether to include them.

Wehry was charged with “stealing plates,” although there is no video evidence that clearly shows he did so. While stealing a plate would not have changed his final standing, it did exceed the 50-hotdog threshold.

The professional diner responded in a text message to The Post that he was “horrified” by the accusations, insisting he “didn’t steal anything.”

“If (Major League Eating) decides I was counted incorrectly, then correct my number. My position would not change if that were the case. I would never want to be in a position or number that I didn’t earn,” Wehry said. “I would never cheat in a competition, no matter the reason. People who know me know that.”

Sudo also responded to the accusations, denying that her husband was right.

“I was watching Nick the whole time. The camera was on him the whole time. There’s no way the judges could have made a mistake,” she said.

The MLE investigated the allegations, taking into account the complaints, but took no action against Wehry. They said it was their “policy not to overturn the judges’ decisions once the final results are recorded.”

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Who is Nick Wehry?

In addition to being the husband of the world’s best female eater, Wehry has a respected career in competitive eating. He is ranked No. 6 among MLE eaters after the hot dog competition, just behind Sudo.

He holds the world record for eating 50 hard-boiled eggs in the shortest time, and right after he broke the record, he got down on one knee and proposed to Sudo. They are now married and have one child.