The truck involved in the road accident in Anambra was not ours

The truck involved in the road accident in Anambra was not ours

BUA Cement Plc says the truck involved in the accident in Anambra does not belong to the company.

The cement manufacturer said in a statement on Wednesday that it had received several reports online and a video circulating that indicated a BUA cement truck was involved in the incident.

On Tuesday, a road accident involving a truck loaded with cement occurred at a Green Energy Oil and Gas filling station in Eke Awgbu, Anambra State. five people He died.

BUA Cement expressed its condolences to the families who lost their loved ones in the accident but clarified that the truck involved in the incident does not belong to BUA Cement.

“We have received numerous reports online which were also published in Tribune newspapers as well as a video footage circulating linking an alleged BUA Cement truck to the unfortunate accident that occurred on Agulu-Agwubu road in Orumba North Local Government of Anambra State,” BUA Cement said in a statement.

“While we sincerely sympathise with the families who lost their loved ones in this accident, we intend to investigate the matter as the truck in question does not belong to BUA.

“The truck involved in the accident in Anambra State on Tuesday, July 9, 2024 is not in any way a BUA cement truck. BUA cement trucks are marked with our logo and truck numbers.


“This applies to all BUA trucks to facilitate identification as standard practice for manufacturing companies that provide truck services. Furthermore, the truck in question in the Tribune report is neither owned nor operated by BUA Cement Plc.”

According to the company, most of its cement products are sold directly from the factory, with customers responsible for transporting the cement from the plants to its destination.

BUA stressed that its transport activities meet the highest safety standards and place great emphasis on human life.

“In the few cases where our customers request door-to-door service, we engage our transport and logistics department (BUA Transport) to ensure delivery on our behalf,” the company said.

“This transport company operates according to the highest safety standards and places great value on human life.

“As a responsible manufacturing company, BUA Cement Plc trains and retrains truck drivers with the support of professional logistics bodies, including the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC).

“This is to ensure safe movement on our roads regardless of the type of road surface, as well as to ensure the safety of other road users.

“However, if you see any BUA Cement truck on our roads that is causing a hazard to other road users, please do not hesitate to contact us on the following number, quoting the truck registration number: 0803 200 5193.”

The company has demanded that all platforms that published a “false report” linking its truck to the accident retract those reports.

BUA Cement once again expressed its sympathy to the families affected by this tragedy, offering prayers for the comfort and peace of the souls of the deceased.

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