Fans Celebrate David Tennant’s Takedown of TERFs and Conservatives

Fans Celebrate David Tennant’s Takedown of TERFs and Conservatives

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According to his supporters, David Tennant it’s nothing more than National Treasure.

Last month, while attending British LGBT Awardshe did several statements which left many cheering him on. While receiving the LGBT+ Celebrity Ally award, Tennant criticized Conservative Party politician Kemi BadenochWho holds transphobic views.

“I don’t wish her any harm, I just want her to shut up” – Tennant recordedOn the red carpet, Tennant offered another viral snippet, calling TERFs (Radical Feminists Exclusively Trans) “A small group of whiny little shits.”

Tennant’s comments caused something like a stormthough famous actor offline refused to engage any further. Badenoch he replied to Tennant’s speech on X, accusing him of racism and sexism and calling him “blinded by ideology”. Former prime minister Rishi Sunak he gave his two cents also, suggesting that Tennant’s statement threatened freedom of speech. The discussion became even more exaggerated when J.K. Rowling-maybe the most famous TERF in the world—she entered the chat, referring to Tennant called the “Gender Taliban.”

None of this controversy seemed to faze the Tennant family. On the day of the UK General Election, which saw huge losses for the Tories and Sunak’s defeat by Labour candidate Keir Starmer, Tennant’s wife Georgia he posted a photo two of them smiling on the London Eye with signature #swirledsouthhe looks tired. This is reference down Doctor Who the episode in which Tennant’s tenth doctor overthrows Prime Minister Harriet Jones uttering six fateful words:Don’t you think she looks tired?

Internet responds to David Tennant’s call to fight TERFs

For many Tennant fans, these comments were worth celebratingAfter criticism from Rowling and Sunak, his fans started #IStandWithDavidTennett hashtag to show your support. Many he rejoiced at the revelation that Tennant is – according to those who agree with his political views – good person With moral backbone.

“I didn’t think it was possible to love David Tennant more than I do” one fan wrote on Reddit. Others called him “King“and “Icon”, and took the opportunity to criticize Rowling and the Tories. “This man has more honesty, love, compassion and humanity in his little finger than the entire Tory Party,” wrote user X.

His fans were delighted with Georgia Tennant’s Instagram post “also doing Tennant justice for Sunak’s election defeat.the fall of three prime ministers is linked to david tennant” one fan noted, echoing a common refrain on X. (This is a reference to Sunak, Harriet Jones and another Doctor Who prime minister, Harold Saxon, whom Tennant also defeats in the series.)

Fans Doctor Who was delighted with this example of art reflecting lifeThe mood on the web was playful AND rejoicing Following the announcement of the election results and Tennant’s alleged involvement in them, one fan summed up the news as follows:Moral of this election: don’t mess with David Tennant.”

Fandom plays a fascinating role in these political debatesAs public figures, David Tennant and JK Rowling represent it’s safe to say that these are two of the most beloved British media franchises of all timeThe fans of both series are very passionate, although many of them have they went away With Harry Potter In recent years because of Rowling’s commentsIn the case of Rowling and her fandom, there is a sense of disappointment and anger that she betrayed trans and queer readers with her bigoted views.

On the other hand, for Tennant’s left-wing fans, there is a true sense of joy that he There isn’t he betrayed them, and in fact he reflects their ideals quite loudly.

It certainly was. some infantile answers for information, calling him “healthy“and saying that”must be protected at all costs,” which is common impulse among male celebrity fans. There are some hyperbolic refrains here too, and one wonders if Tennant gets a little too much praise Down be a decent person. But considering how many stories we hear about male celebrities behaving terribly, this makes sense that Tennant’s decency was met with so much admiration.

Why is this important?

It would be a mistake to follow the example of stars who often have infinite wealth and privileges—for moral rectitude and political clarity.

Although many stars are I’m too afraid to talk on political issues so as not to lose capital, Tennant strong support for transgender rights shows that many fans — and even casual viewers — appreciate such honesty. While he has many critics, respect for Tennant is at an all-time high.

Kira Deshler

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