Azziad speaks out on sports CS Ababu faces pressure to reveal Olympic travel list

Azziad speaks out on sports CS Ababu faces pressure to reveal Olympic travel list

The decision comes in response to rumors about her ties to the government and the financing of her travel.

Azziad began by debunking claims that she was part of the Kenyan delegation to the 2024 Paris Olympics. She expressed her outrage at the spread of false information.

Kenyans are putting pressure on sports director Ababu Namwamba to publicly reveal the list of Kenyans who are set to travel to Paris for the Olympics.

Azziad detailed her past at the Ministry of Youth Affairs, Creative Economy and Sport, in particular as a member of the Technical Committee for Creativity of the Talanta Hela Council.

This committee, headed by the respected Daniel Ndambuki (Churchill), was intended to represent young artists.

However, the committee was disbanded in June 2023 and Azziad has had no further involvement in its activities since then.

Responding to another serious accusation, Azziad clarified that her trips to Dubai and other places were not funded by the government.

She stressed that she financed all such trips from her own funds, those of her clients or family.

The explanation comes following accusations that her recent trip to Dubai was funded by public funds earmarked for stadium renovation.

Azziad explained that her visit to Dubai was to prepare materials for a client campaign, which was entirely financed by the client.

She appealed to the public to check these expenses on her social media.

Azziad used the opportunity to highlight the achievements of young Kenyans in promoting government accountability.

She expressed her sincere condolences to the families who lost loved ones in the recent protests.

Azziad reiterated her promise to use her platform to promote positive change in the country.

The Ministry of Youth Affairs, Creative Economy and Sports has issued a directive regarding the preparations and management of the Kenyan Team for the upcoming Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

The directive, addressed to Francis Mutuku, Secretary General of the National Olympic Committee of Kenya (NOCK), emphasises the need for transparency and accountability in the finalisation of team delegations and the management of related expenses.

This directive follows the meeting of the Preparatory and Management Committee (PMC) for the Olympic Games Paris 2024, which took place on 10 July 2024.

CS Namwamba outlined some key points that NOCK needs to accelerate:

Finalization of team delegation:

  • The delegation should include athletes, referees and doctors, and the role of each member should be described in detail.
  • The size of delegations should be limited to the necessary minimum, giving priority to athletes, their coaches and doctors.
  • This is in line with PMC guidelines aimed at ensuring efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Budget rationalization:

  • The provisional budget initially agreed upon by the NOCK and the Principal Secretary/Accountant, State Sports Department should be revised.
  • The final budget should reflect the actual number of qualified athletes and the revised scale of athlete allowances and awards, in line with the revised guidelines for 2023.
  • The measure is part of broader savings initiatives being implemented across all of the ministry’s spending centres.

Detailed expense reporting:

  • A comprehensive report should be prepared on the process, status and costs of ceremonial, training and competition equipment for Team Kenya purchased by NOCK.
  • This report will be presented at the next PMC meeting.

Namwamba stressed the importance of transparency in government operations. He directed that the full list of Team Kenya delegates and the final budget be made public by NOCK, in line with the government’s accountability policy.